Sizes of Mooria products

Sizes of collars with buckle

Basic measure for the selection of new collar is its length. Our collars have adjustable length. You find required size once the circumference of your dog’s neck is within minimal and maximal length of the collar. Do not measure the neck too tightly! Ideally you should be able to loosely slide two fingers between the dog's neck and measuring tape. Choose different size of the collar if the measured dimension equals to the minimum or maximum length of the collar. If such a size is not available we will for free shorten or lengthen the collar you wish to have.

Adjustable length of collars

Collars – Basic sizes

  width length
XS 1,6 20 - 30
S 2 26 - 37
M 2,5 31 - 45
L 4 38 - 51
XL 5 43 - 63

Collars – Extended sizes

  width length
XS+ 1,6 26 - 37
S+ 2 31 - 45
M+ 2,5 38 - 51
L+ 4 43 - 63
XL+ 5 52 - 70
in centimeters

Different sizes of the collars with name tag

Adding a name tag changes minimal and maximal length of the collar! You can find more details about name tags and sizes of the collars with name tags here.

Sizes of Martingale collars

Measuring of Martingale Collar

Martingale collars are produced in three width types with individual length. Loosely measure the neck where the collar would normally sit and the widest part of your dog's head. We will produce custom length of the collar that will fall within the range of these measurements. Martingale collars also have adjustable length to adjust comfortable closing around dog's neck.

Martingale collars

  width length
M 2,5 Custom length
L 4 Custom length
XL 5 Custom length
in centimeters

Sizes of leashes

Leashes are produces in three width types. Size S is desiged for collar sizes XS and S, size M for collar size M and size L for collar sizes L and XL. Double leads can be individually adjusted for three different lengths – 135, 185 and 205 cm.

Single leads

  width length
S 1,6 135
M 2 135
L 2,5 135

Double leads

  width length
S 1,6 260
M 2 260
L 2,5 260
in centimeters

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