Custom Collars with Your Own Print

Custom pattern for free

We will print custom pattern on your collar, leash or harness

How to proceed?

  • Upload your design: Start by sending us your graphic file using the form below.
  • Specify the width of the product: Let us know how wide you want the collar, leash, or harness to be (for example, on narrow collars, not all patterns may be clearly visible).
  • Design preview: Within two working days, we will send you a preview of the pattern that can be printed on the product.
  • Order: If you are satisfied with the preview, you will receive a link to order the product with your custom print.
  • Price conditions: The total price for the collar with custom printing consists of the processing fee and the collar price according to the current price list. The fee for processing your own pattern is as follows:
      • €5 without a printed preview
      • €10 with a printed preview (max 2 printed previews on fabric, each additional one for €5)
      • If you want the printed preview physically sent, we charge standard postage.




Conditions for submitting a graphic file

  • The file must be in .JPG, .PNG, or .BMP formats and must not exceed a maximum size of 10 MB.
  • The minimum resolution of the graphic file is 100 dpi (if it is clearly visible on the screen, it can also be printed on the fabric).
  • The submitted file must contain exactly the graphic pattern you wish to print. Please do not send photos of the collar or rough sketches.
  • The pattern must be designed so that it can be stacked side by side in order to cover the entire length of the collar.
  • Patterns must not infringe on copyrights, or you must have permission to use them. (For example, we cannot print patterns with copyrighted material, such as logos of car brands or football clubs). By submitting a graphic file, you declare that the graphics are not protected or that you have permission to use them.

Samples of collars with custom pattern

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