Delivery options for your order

Express delivery: 15 € | 5 days

Delivery by GLS to any address within the EU. Express production and delivery takes up to 5 business days (2 days production + 3 days delivery).

Standard delivery: 6 € | 10 days

Delivery by the Postal service to any address in the EU within 10 business days (5 days production + 5 days delivery)

Delivery outside the EU: 23 € (tax free, you save 21% VAT)

Priority delivery by the Czech Post to the address stated in the order. Delivery within 30 days after completion of your order. This time does not take into consideration possible delay at the customs in your country.

Price of the delivery includes processing of an export custom declaration. Orders sent outside of the EU are VAT free; price of the goods will be lowered by 21% tax (deduction will be processed after the order submission, right before the payment). Total price for the order shipped outside of the EU might increase by duties and taxes payable separately by the customer to the local authorities.

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