Collar Fire

Collar Fire

Collar Mooria Original

21 €


Additional information

Discounted sets of collar with a leash:

Save up to 6 € with order of collar and leash of the same pattern together.

Name tag:

Adding a name tag changes the size of the collar! More details here. Fill-in the dog name and the phone number that you want to have on the collar exactly in the way as you want to display it on the collar – capital letters, spaces, phone number format etc.

Collar bow tie:

Select if you want to have an elegant bow tie for your collar. The bow tie is on elastic band so it is removable. The bow tie will be produced in the same pattern and size as the collar.

Individual adjustments:

The length of the collars with buckle can be optionally shortened or extended. Just write the requirements for individual adjustments to the notes in the order form.

More details about our products:

General product information is available here and details about our collars are here.


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