Information about Mooria collars

Mooria collars are available in two basic types: With buckle and Martingale.

Collars with buckle are produces in five width types, from 1.6 to 5 cm. Every width type is available in two length sizes so that our collars fit majority of dogs. Collars are supplied with metal or plastic buckle. If you are looking for an exclusive appearance we recommend metal buckle. Metal buckle is made of aluminum so it is very light. If you prefer a sport look, that what the plastic buckle is ideal for. Both buckles are equally functional, but if your dog goes often to the water, it is better to choose plastic buckle because the metal one is less resistant to frequent exposure to wet environment.

Martingale collars are produces in three width types, from 2,5 to 5 cm. Martingale collars are custom produced so it is necessary to provide neck size and maximum size over head of your dog. Martingale collars also known as limited slip collars provide better control while walking your dog. When the dog pulls, the loop around neck closes but the dog does not choke like in a case of regular slip collar.

The big D-ring is designed to snap the leash, the small one is for an ID mark. Function of the metal slide is to adjust individual length of the collar (every collar size has minimal and maximal length). Slide on the Martingale collar is used to adjust comfortable closing around dog's neck.

Collar bow tie is an elegant accessory which you can improve the collar with. The bow tie is on elastic band so it is removable and will be produced in the same pattern and size as the collar.

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