Information about Mooria collars

Mooria collars come in five different designs:

Collar with Plastic Buckle:

This is the most popular type of collar. The plastic buckle is lightweight and easy to fasten.

Collar with Metal Buckle:

This collar combines the practicality of a snap buckle with an exclusive look. The metal buckle is made of aluminum, making it very lightweight. However, if your dog frequently swims, it's better to choose a plastic buckle, as metal buckles are not suitable for frequent exposure to wet conditions.

Collar with Belt Buckle:

Owners of stronger animals appreciate this type of fastening because accidental unfastening is eliminated. This collar is the only one without a slider for size adjustment on the circumference; instead, it has black lining. Size adjustment is possible by fastening it into different holes, similar to a belt.

Semi-Slip Collar:

Provides better control when leading the dog. When the dog starts pulling, the collar tightens without choking the dog like a regular choke collar.

Martingale Collar:

Represents a different type of semi-slip collar with a different construction of the tightening mechanism. This collar is not available in sizes XS and S.

The big D-ring is designed to snap the leash, the small one is for an ID mark. Function of the metal slide is to adjust individual length of the collar (every collar size has minimal and maximal length). Slide on the Martingale collar is used to adjust comfortable closing around dog's neck.

Collar bow tie is an elegant accessory which you can improve the collar with. The bow tie is on elastic band so it is removable and will be produced in the same pattern and size as the collar.

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