Collar name tags

Mooria collars can be easily enhanced by name tag with contact details. The name tag is sewn directly on the collar. Same as the designs we also print the name tags directly on the fabric. That allows us high flexibility in customization. The text is printed in the color that matches the collar design. To order the name tag simply select the name tag option at the collar detail and fill-in the name tag details.

Name tags are sewn directly on the collar and it is not possible to take them off. That is a reason for changed minimal and maximal length of the collar because the name tag cannot go through the slide. While ordering the name tag, please take in consideration that length of the collar will be different. Sizes of collars with name tags are stated in the table below. The difference in size relates only to collars with buckle, Martingale collars have individual length.

Name tag sizes

XS 3 x 1,6 cm
S 3 x 2 cm
M 4 x 2,5 cm
L 5 x 4 cm
XL 6 x 5 cm
length x height

Sizes of collars with name tag

  width length
XS 1,6 20 - 27
S 2 26 - 34
M 2,5 30 - 42
L 4 36 - 48
XL 5 41 - 59


  width length
XS+ 1,6 25 - 35
S+ 2 30 - 43
M+ 2,5 36 - 49
L+ 4 41 - 60
XL+ 5 49 - 67
in centimetres

We are happy to print any additional details on the name tag – for example second phone number or the address. Regarding the sizes of the nametags we recommend this option only for collars of sizes L and XL where the additional data will be visible. You can request to print the additional text also on the smaller sizes however the size of the nametag is too small so that the text might be less visible. If you have any other request regarding individual text color, font size or specific font type, just let us know and we customize the name tag in order to meet your expectations.

In case of any concerns regarding customization of the nametags do not hesitate to contact us!

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