Collar Digital Gold

Collar Digital Gold

Collar Mooria Original

24 €


Additional information

Types of Collars:

We produce five types of collars. More details about each type can be found here.

Obojek s plastovou sponou
Plastic Buckle
Obojek s kovovou sponou
Metal Buckle
Obojek s opaskovou sponou
Belt Buckle
Polostahovací obojek
Obojek Martingale

Size Selection:

  1. Choose one of the six available collar widths (Martingale collars have only 4 widths). The width of the collar should correspond to the size of the dog and its activity level. A wider collar is suitable for stronger or more active dogs, while a narrower one is ideal for smaller or less active breeds.
  2. Next, provide the circumference of your dog's neck, and we will make the collar in a length that fits your dog. The collars are also length-adjustable (except for the collar with a belt buckle), so the chosen length can be shortened or extended. Adjustability depends on the size of the dog's neck; the collar will be adjustable within this range:
 Neck Circumference Adjustability
up to 25 cm +/- 2 cm
up to 30 cm +/- 3 cm
up to 35 cm +/- 4 cm
up to 40 cm +/- 5 cm
up to 50 cm +/- 6 cm
up to 60 cm +/- 7 cm
up to 70 cm +/- 8 cm
If you are ordering a collar for a puppy, please leave this information in the order note. We will produce the collar in the way that the size can only be increased (it will be enlarged up to twice the above mentioned adjustability from the current neck circumference).
For semi-slip and martingale collars, it is necessary to provide the circumference of the head as well, so the collar can be put on over the dog's head.

Leash for the collar:

You can also order a leash with the same pattern as the collar. We offer single leashes with a length of 130 cm or double adjustable leashes, which have a carabiner at each end and can be adjusted to lengths of 135, 155, or 215 cm.

Moreover, when ordering a collar and leash with the same pattern, the price is lower than when ordered separately. The regular leash is cheaper by 4 €, and the double leash is cheaper by 6 €. Please order the leash as an additional item along with the collar. If you add the collar and leash separately to the shopping cart, the discount will not be applied!

Collar Name Tag:

Please provide the name of your dog and the telephone number you want to be printed on the collar. Fill out the text exactly as you want it on the collar – capital letters, spaces, phone number format, etc. This name tag is directly sewn onto the collar. If you prefer a removable name tag, you can order it separately here.

Collar Bowtie:

Choose whether you want an elegant bowtie as an addition to the collar. The bowtie is on an elastic band and can be removed and put back on. We will make the bowtie in the same pattern and size as the collar. If you want a bowtie with a different pattern or color than the collar, you can order it separately here.

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