General information about Mooria products

Product types

Mooria collars and leashes are available in 4 basic types: Original, Unicolor Reflective and Black&Color.

Original products are available in many attractive designs. They are made of Softshell on which we individually print patterns. This provides an outstanding appearance of Mooria Original Collars.

Unicolor products are made of Softshell in many monochromatic options.

Reflective products have softshell base on which is a reflective ribbon that provides high visibility in evening and night hours.

Black&Color products have a black pattern on one of many background colors from a selection of unicolor softshell fabrics.

Product design

Collars and leads are made of functional waterproof fabrics. The base is made of heavy weight nylon webbing that is covered by printed or monochromatic softshell fabric. Our collars and leashes have same functionality and resistance as popular nylon products; in addition to that we offer attractive appearance due to wide range of patterns, printings and colors. Outstanding textile base is not the only advantage of our products. All other hardware like buckles, slides and snap hooks are high-quality and high-level processing. We use only hardware from carefully selected producers from Europe and the US. Thanks to the focus on high quality and functionality we can offer these unique attractive and stylish products.


Color designs are printed by us directly on the fabric. It is the reason that all patterns are available for all sizes of collars and leashes. The advantage of our products is that the pattern is always the same; it differs only by its size. For example if there are 5 flowers on the collar of the XL size, there is the same number of flowers on the collar of the smallest size XS, the flowers are just smaller according to the collar size. Basically we do not cut the fabric of one pattern for all sizes which allows us to offer all patterns for all sizes of our products. Due to the individual printing method we recommend to order collars and leads together in order to avoid different color finishing of the pattern in the future.

Product care

There is not an extra need to care about our products. The material is very durable so it can withstand rougher treatment, dog scratching, running through the bushes… though you know what! If the products get wet, we recommend drying the metal components that can get damaged if they are exposed to the wet environment for a long time. Once the collar or lead gets dirty you can easily wash it in the washing machine with use of regular laundry detergent and temperature set for 30°C (without the use of fabric or water softeners or bleach and drying in a dryer). This way the original color and bright will be back again. For washing in washing machine we recommend to place the collar or lead into any textile cover (for example pillow case) so that you avoid damages on the metal parts of the products and your washing machine.

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